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What is School ERP

“School ERP” commonly referred as “School Enterprise Resource Planning System” is a software that Schools use to manage day to day activities including administrative activities, student information, fee management, homework management, student attendance, e-learning management and other school activities.

Buck Softech Private Limited has developed one of the most advanced and user friendly School ERP Software for managing various school activities.This School ERP system provides the solution of all requirements of Admission Counselor in streamlining the complete admission process. With this School ERP, One can generate circulars and sms instantly and have a multilingual option to make the communication effective for parents from different regions. The application has Teacher’s Calendar with Lesson Plan, Schedule, and Status which the concerned authorities may view at any given point in time for any teacher teaching any class. The application enables the concerned authorities to create vacancy requisitions with an option of approval by the key decision-maker.With our School ERP, the school may generate and print customised Report Cards as per their requirements. Moreover, the Report Cards can be published online and on Mobile Application.

Not only this, but our ERP is capable for providing solutions for fee management as it sends overdue fee reminders in an automated way and manages fee concession and waiver approval process.The application may also provide easy solution for homework and assignments management for the students. The application may also be used for inventory management of various products of the school including books, school dresses, diaries etc.

Moreover, Our School ERP system is capable of managing various information system including employee information system and student information system, through which, the school can manage employee attendance as well as student attendance and all the other activities of the school.









Hostel Management

Inventory Management

Library Management

Employee Information

Mobile SMS

Payroll Management


Employee Attendance

Student Achievements

Student Attendance

Student Information

Transport Management

In this digital era, from banking to education most of the things have gone online. Thus how could be the management of any organization be deprived of integration of smart technologies. With school, there come several administrative tasks, which could be carried effectively and in hassle-free manner using reliable School ERP Software. Apart from this, the school having robust ERP software could focus on the other core for good outputs. It not only ensures a smooth process for online admission, fee payment, sending a communication to the respective school authorities and other school processes. But also cut down the pen-paper work and make the tasks less time-consuming. Integrating smart technology that makes school system efficient by providing mobile application for parents and staff also helps to stand out in the education domain for sure.


BSPL has developed one of the most advanced and user friendly School ERP Software for managing various school activities. This School ERP system ensures streamlined administrative processes like admission processes, payroll, attendance, e-learning, and a lot more. Our ERP software is one stop solution for hassle-free and secure school management. There are many of benefits that come along implementing the cloud-based school ERP software in school. Let us find more in detail about the various modules included in this smart ERP software that ensure scalability and streamlined management process.

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