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Innovative Hospital Management Software

Most Hospital Management Software rely on outdated client server technologies
accessible only from network connected desktop computers installed on
premises. ZIVAAN fundamentally changes how you manage your Hospital /
Nursing Home / Clinic / Pathology / Diagnostics / Pharmacy. With ZIVAAN, you
get a fully integrated healthcare management suite delivered on a cloud-
based platform providing you a robust, secure and available solution for your

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    ZIVAAN Hospital Software Module

    OPD Patient Management

    IPD Patient Management

    Doctors Workbench

    Wards & Bed Management Module

    Pathology Information System (PIS)

    Radiology Information System (RIS)

    Expense Management

    Pharmacy Management

    Operation Theatre Management Module

    Inventory & fixed asset Management

    Ambulatory Services

    Appointment Scheduling

    Insurance and Contracts Management

    Financial Accounting

    Nursing Workbench



    Equipment Maintenance System (EMS),

    Communication module

    Hospital Website designing

    Management Information System

    Hospital Administration

    Help Desk

    User management & Authority System

    This system also provides complete assistance in patient management. In this system, there is a facility to register patients and view their reports and history. The hospital management system allows getting detailed information on the patient’s health conditions.


    Easy to use

    User friendly design, easy to customize, graphical user interface, easy to install

    Effective Performance

    Comprehensive Performance Reports, Effective Search Facility to Search any type of Information


    Highly secure, user wise authentication of modules, Authentication & verification of entries through Audit Trail Facilit.

    Cloud Based

    Cloud server based, Database driven, Modular approach, Centralized database connectivity, platform independent.

    Amazing Front-End

    Graphical Presentation of MIS, Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for Analysis, graphical User interface.


    Package Supports Adaptability & Scalability of Software making it more robust, General and Standardized Health Packages for the OPD & IPD


    Interface facility with the Smart Technology, Interface with the Bar Code and QR code.


    Single window view to locate patient Billing, Collection, Discharge Detail, Patient Medical History, clinical notes, OT details etc. Built in work Flow Management for all Functional areas.

    ZIVAAN Cloud HMIS Profile

    ZIVAAN HMIS Profile

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